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Live Illustration: R.J. Palacio

The children's book author R.J. Palacio is out with a new picture book about Auggie, the boy who helped launch a worldwide movement for kids to choose kindness. She's here to draw and talk about Auggie and his world. Leave your questions in the comments, and The Times' Maria Russo will ask some.

Posted by The New York Times Books on Tuesday, March 28, 2017

R.J Palacio’s next chapter: We’re all Wonders

R.J. Palacio extends the ever-important message of kindness, tolerance, and empathy to younger children through Auggie’s voice. The night of Palacio’s book party for her 5 Year Anniversary of Wonder and the release of her new children’s picture book, We’re All Wonders, was exhilarating. The event venue was decorated with the the internationally beloved novel, Wonder, the treasured collection of companion stories, Auggie & Me, and the inspirational 365 Days of Wonder.

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better hearing speech month blog

Better Hearing and Speech Month

My name is Shelley Cohen, I am the cleft and craniofacial teams’ speech-language pathologist (SLP) and the cleft team and ear, nose and throat clinic coordinator. May is Better Hearing and Speech Month. It’s a great time to remind you about the importance of an annual hearing test with a visit to a pediatric Otorhinolaryngologist or Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist.

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day in my life feature image

A Day In My Life

I actually have 2 holes in my body that most kids don’t have. There’s the stomach one, and I have one in my throat, too. They call it a Trach, which is short for tracheostomy.

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myFace National Mentoring Month Stamford Peace Spirit Award Blog Feature Image

National Mentoring Month: Building Confidence for Craniofacial Patients

Adolescence is a tough path for anyone, but for someone with the added complication of a craniofacial difference, it can be a minefield. Many people find solace in their hobbies, their family, their friends, and if they are lucky, a mentor. The relationship between mentor and mentee is a unique and special one, and for some children and teens, having a mentor can make all the difference in the world. As #NationalMentoringMonth comes to a close, read our latest blog featuring myFaceStar Kyle and his mentor Brian Kriftcher, of the organization the Stamford Peace Youth Foundation.

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myFace The Dos and Don't of Nutrition and Mealtime with Small Children blog feature image

The Dos and Don’ts Of Nutrition And Mealtime With Small Children

Establishing healthy eating habits and proper nutrition in your children is essential from a very young age, as these will impact their overall health and relationship with food for their entire lives. A well-balanced diet is vital for your child to develop both physically and cognitively, and what you teach your children about healthy eating habits can affect their body image in the future.

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