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myFace Provides Assurance and Comfort To Families When They Need It Most

Providing complimentary accommodations to out-of-town families seeking craniofacial treatment in NYC is one of the many important services myFace offers to families. We work directly with our families on securing the reservations and making sure they have everything they need once they arrive to make their stay as comfortable, and

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My Brother, Kyle: A Sibling Perspective

My brother, Kyle, was born with a very rare condition called Nablus Syndrome. There are less than 15 documented cases in the world. It is a microdeletion of the chromosome 8q22 and is characterized as a mask-like facial appearance along with other distinct malformations of the body. As Kyle’s older

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Ask The Expert: Dina Zuckerberg, Director of Family Programs, myFace

Dina leads the myFace Wonder Project, an anti-bullying campaign educating students in schools across the country on the importance of celebrating uniqueness, being an upstander and always choosing to be kind. During her virtual school assemblies, she is often asked some very thoughtful and perceptive questions about living with a

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Summer 2021 Newsletter

Dear reader, I am excited to share this issue of Your Impact, where we highlight myFace stories of hope, creativity and camaraderie. You’ll read about Ezra, a 15-year-old who shares his journey of strength and commitment as a gymnast. You’ll hear from Erin and what it’s like to be a

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Download TodayCraniofacial Care Guide for Parents

Downloadable content to help parents and families navigate the everyday issues that can accompany life with a craniofacial condition.

Information includes:

  • nutrition needs
  • building self-esteem
  • finding a care team
  • tips for healthcare appointments
  • and more!

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