The myFace Center

The myFace Center

Welcoming Challenges & Pioneering Miracles


The myFace Center Provides Comprehensive Care in a Multidisciplinary Setting for Patients Requiring Reconstructive Plastic Surgery.

myFace makes grants to top-level institutions that deliver holistic comprehensive craniofacial care, such as the myFace Center for Craniofacial Care at NYU Langone Health.

myFace funds integrative and personalized team care across an array of craniofacial specialties. The myFace Center – staffed with leading experts in every facial anomaly – provides patients with cutting-edge surgical, dental, psychosocial, speech, and nutritional care. Worth noting is that every member of the attending staff holds NYU School of Medicine academic appointments.

Embracing a team approach, specialists meet weekly to evaluate patients with complex problems and formulate comprehensive treatment plans.

Image of Dr. David Staffenberg with a young patient holding a stethoscope to Dr. Staffenberg's heart.
Leading the Movement in Psychosocial Care, Social and Psychological Services.

The myFace Center includes the most comprehensive psychosocial team of any craniofacial center in the US. Complementing the medical and dental care provided to patients, these psychosocial services include: pre-natal and post-natal counseling, speech therapy, nutrition consultations, psychosocial assessments, psychological evaluations and referrals to local professionals.

It is this comprehensive approach that makes The myFace Center one-of-a kind and the gold standard for craniofacial care. Your donations help support this program.



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