How We Help

How myFace Helps

How myFace Helps

Every hour, a child is born in the United States with a craniofacial condition which uniquely impacts both the body and spirit.

95% of them will undergo multiple surgeries and long-term medical care throughout their childhood and into their adult life.

Each year, the faces of another 100,000 individuals are disfigured through accident or disease.

myFace was founded 70 years ago to address the needs of individuals and families impacted by facial differences by ensuring them access to education, support, and a comprehensive craniofacial team care enabling them to lead full and productive lives.

It is Thanks to Donors Like You That These Programs and Services Are Possible

myFace aims to provide individuals and families with the care, tools and information they need to successfully navigate their journey and live their best life possible.

Support Resources

Because facial differences can impact the body and spirit so significantly, myFace provides vital services such as individual and family support groups, and networking opportunities that let craniofacial patients and families know they are not alone. myFace also offers support to new parents through our Newborn Craniofacial Care Kits that contain useful items for families in need.

Public Awareness & Education

myFace is committed to raising critical public awareness about craniofacial differences, and through its Wonder Project, helps to educate others on the importance of celebrating uniqueness and always choosing to be kind. myFace also provides education through resources such as helpful parent guides and informational webinars to arm those in the craniofacial community to help them make more informed decisions and  improve outcomes. 

The myFace Center

myFace offers the gift of confidence and hope to children and adults with craniofacial conditions through support of the world-renowned myFace Center for Craniofacial Care at NYU Langone Health in New York City which provides integrative, highly specialized and personalized team care.

Learn about the myFace Center →

Travel & Housing Assistance

myFace provides travel and housing assistance for families outside of New York City to decrease the burden and expense of travel so that families can focus on getting the care their loved ones need.

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