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Officers of the Board & Board of Trustees

  • President

    William S. Villafranco

  • Vice Presidents

    Frederick M. Friedman
    Alexandra C. Kay, Esq.

  • Secretary

    Sondra Neuschotz

  • Treasurer

    Jeremiah M. Bogert

  • Trustees

    Charles Beever
    Craig Dugan
    Chloe Harrouche
    Robin Krause, Esq.
    Sean McGould
    Wilson S. Neely
    Clare Thomas
    Barbara H. Zuckerberg

  • Honorary Trustees

    Brownlee O. Currey
    Court Baldwin Cutting, MD
    Jerome T. Falk
    Susan Friedman
    John Gordon
    Jane Gould
    Antoinette Guerrini-Maraldi
    Joseph G. McCarthy, MD
    Phebe Miller, Esq.
    Bruce and Jodie Morrow
    Mrs. Rawleigh Warner, Jr.
    Roger S. Weber


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