Officers of the Board & Board of Trustees

  • President

    William S. Villafranco

  • Vice President

    Alexandra C. Kay, Esq.

  • Secretary

    Sondra Neuschotz

  • Treasurer

    Craig Dugan

  • Trustees

    Erin Ashayeri
    Charles Beever
    Jeremiah M. Bogert
    Vincent DeLuca

    Ravi Desai
    Frederick M. Friedman
    John Gordon
    Vincent Hom

    Maxwell Kahn
    Robin Krause, Esq.
    Sean McGould
    David Santiago
    Barbara H. Zuckerberg

  • Honorary Trustees

    Brownlee O. Currey*
    Court Baldwin Cutting, MD
    Jerome T. Falk
    Susan Friedman*
    Jane Gould*
    Antoinette Guerrini-Maraldi
    Joseph G. McCarthy, MD
    Phebe Miller, Esq.
    Bruce and Jodie Morrow
    Eileen Newman*
    Mrs. Rawleigh Warner, Jr.*
    Roger S. Weber



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"*" señala los campos obligatorios


Join us as we celebrate transformative stories of hope inspired by the 73-year legacy of support that myFace provides to those impacted by craniofacial differences.

Wednesday, June 5, 2024
6:30 - 9:30 pm

409 E. 59th Street, New York City

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