Why We Give

Several years ago, Nick O’Neill and Mary Valiante found themselves in the happy position of being able to increase their charitable donations. After researching myFace and the work the organization does, Nick and Mary felt myFace would fit perfectly with their desire to support patients in need of facial reconstruction. In 2001, they were introduced to a young girl from Peru, Genny, who needed extensive reconstructive facial surgery. Nick and Mary provided the funds to provide exceptional surgical and psychosocial care for Genny. Now in 2015, Genny just graduated from University, where Nick and Mary went to celebrate with her. She will be a pediatric physical therapist. Nick and Mary expressed how myFace helped give Genny the confidence and drive to pursue her dream.

“Everyone involved with myFace knows how life changing their help can be and Genny and we will be forever grateful for the gift we received.”
Nick O’Neill and Mary Valiante

Thanks to the generosity of donors like Nick and Mary, we are able to provide support and comprehensive care for our patients.


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