Volunteer Spotlights


I am a myFace volunteer because I believe in the life-changing opportunities that the organization provides each and every one of its patients. myFace is defined by passion, support, and love and I am fortunate to have filled my college break with such posi-tivity. I will forever cherish Races for Faces and walking and cheer-ing alongside our brave patients, families and friends. Witnessing the outpouring of love and support during the event was a consis-tent reminder of the difference myFace makes in the lives of all its families and supporters and I’m happy to be part of this family.


Volunteering at myFace has been a beautiful journey that has enabled me to learn a lot about both myself and life. In all the events, I’ve been able to help children and adults who have various conditions. Each one, every day, passes through multiple physical, psychological, and social challenges. But, thanks to the love of their families and the support provided by the interdisci-plinary team of myFace, they are able to overcome every obstacle. It is an honor for me to spend my time making a difference. As R.J. Palacio says of her book Wonder, “when given the choice be-tween being right and being kind, choose kind”. Choosing kind is an option that appears every day in different ways!


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