myFace is delighted to have joined forces once again with Harbor Camps/Camp Reflections in New Hampshire, led by founder Nick Teich. The weeklong program is designed for youth, ages 8-16, living with a craniofacial difference and their siblings, providing them a safe, non-judgmental environment where they can simply be themselves. The camp encourages interaction the old-fashioned way – lots of crafts, games and activities – including fun, late-night cabin talks – that encourage camaraderie and promote understanding. Through your support, you enabled 7 campers to attend and have a very special and memorable summer experience. Just hear what some of the kids had to say:

“I participated in Camp Reflections because it’s a safe place for me. I don’t see people like me a lot back home, so this was a great place for me to express and be myself.” – Hector 

“As a sibling, I chose to go to Camp Reflections because it’s cool to learn about other people’s stories that are almost identical to my brother’s. It really helps me understand where my brother is coming from.” – Gino

“Going to Camp Reflections made me feel loved and welcomed. It’s an amazing place where I can be myself.” – Jocelyn

Thank you, Nick Teich, and the staff at Camp Reflections for giving these kids a summer they won’t forget!


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