myFace patient Maggie Porcelli

What is Beauty? Ft. Margaret Porcelli

It’s easy to say that we don’t judge people by the physical barrier that we see, but most people have a hard time seeing past what is on the outside. It’s a shame that people are quick to judge based on the structure of one’s face, and the truth is that there will always be people who will judge you. But, you have to understand that people who judge others without the slightest bit of compassion are the people who judge everyone around them, including themselves, all the time. Its hard to look in a mirror and not see a small flaw; everyone has flaws. It is how those flaws are perceived that makes the difference. My flaws are beautiful because they signify the pain and struggles I have been through to get where I am. I was once told by Dr. McCarthy that even the most beautiful actress or model has flaws because no body is perfect, but individuals with facial differences have flaws that tell amazing stories unlike anyone else’s. We are unique, important and beautiful, and you should never be ashamed to share your beauty with others. Malcolm S. Forbes once said “Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are.” Why blend in with a crowd when you can stand out? Never let someone’s opinion of you change your thoughts on yourself; embody all that you have been through and value who you are, because you are amazing.


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