myFace patient Ilya Karkover

What is Beauty? Ft. Ilya Karkover

At some point in my law school studies I decided I wanted to be a trial lawyer. More specifically, I wanted to be in front of juries arguing criminal cases. Like some of my television heroes from Law & Order, I relished the idea of passionately stating my case and convincing twelve strangers to vote unanimously, based on arguments I had made. Public speaking necessitates a host of talents, some learned and some innate. For some it takes plenty of self confidence; for others, charisma is the key. Either way, growing up with a cleft lip and cleft palate stunted my ability to believe that I had these characteristics. But, then my desire to be a trial attorney and my experiences with myFace and The Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery helped me realize that how I look can never stand in the way of me. In fact, not only am I absolutely thrilled with the evolution of my own face, but my dream of being a trial attorney has come true and I recently celebrated my sixth year anniversary. Thank you IRPS and myFace!

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