myFace Virtual Craniofacial Support Groups Ensure that Individuals and Family Members Have a Place to Turn

Our myFace Parent, Adult, and Adolescent Support Groups are a cornerstone of the help myFace offers to the craniofacial community. These groups meet on Zoom regularly throughout the month, and are designed to provide guidance, counsel and community for those living with craniofacial conditions and their families. Because of our new virtual world, we have participants from more than a dozen states, as well as Canada and Australia.

What makes these myFace Virtual Support Groups so special is that they provide individuals an environment where they can feel safe, hopeful and empowered…and, most important, never alone.

If you are a craniofacial patient or a family member and wish to join a Virtual Support Group, please email Dina Zuckerberg, Director of Family Programs, at

“Thank you Dina, I always tend to think that I am the only one who has problems, but these moms remind me that I am not alone.  Thank you for creating the bridge so we can share our issues and find comfort at the same time.” – Diego’s mom

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