myFace Star: Gospel

Meet Gospel.

Gospel is a beautiful, vibrant and determined  13-year-old – wise beyond her years. Her home is in Kingston, Jamaica, but she has spent the last couple of years in the US living with a host family so that she could undergo the special reconstructive surgeries she desperately needed to correct her cleft lip and palate that couldn’t be done back home in Jamaica. myFace’s support has been critical in helping to fund Gospel’s travel and provide state-of-the-art medical care at our myFace Center in NYC.

Gospel’s Journey.

While she missed the support of her mom, dad, stepdad, brothers and grandparents, she acknowledged that she had to “move away to try to better myself.”

Gospel has had 5 corrective surgeries to date – a lot for a young girl, but through her resiliency, determination and support from her host family, she has persevered with a bold, can-do attitude. When asked how she feels now, she proudly stated,

“My confidence is very high and I don’t have low self-esteem anymore. I think what stands out the most is my personality.”

Gospel returned home to Jamaica to be back with her mom, dad and extended family.  And she wants everyone to know that she wouldn’t be smiling as much as she is today if it weren’t for the amazing support and care from myFace.


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