Meet Jahzara

Every year, myFace helps hundreds of children born with craniofacial disorders, and supports thousands of procedures and consultations. It can be incredibly difficult for everyone: the parents, the medical team, and of course, the children themselves.

Meet Jahzara, one of our myFace Heroes. Her bravery and resilience are an inspiration to us all!


Jahzara, 9
Born with Goldenhar Syndrome, Jahzara’s lower mandible was life-threateningly too small. She had three radical surgeries before age one, with metal pins hanging from her face. She has scars and always embraced them.Recently, her mother was told that a child asked Jahzara about her scars and she calmly and proudly shared a bit of her story. While walking home, directly after Jahzara made up a catchy, self-affirming tune with words that include, “I’m beautiful, unique, it’s great to be me.” She’s beautiful inside and out, which is evident as soon as you meet her, most notably the kindness she shows everyone.”I really like the myFace community, it’s like a big, big family,” Jahzara said. “Someone told me at a myFace meeting: you’re not different, you’re special.”



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