Meet Flossy

Every year, myFace helps hundreds of children born with craniofacial disorders, and supports thousands of procedures and consultations. It can be incredibly difficult for everyone: the parents, the medical team, and of course, the children themselves.

Meet Flossy, one of our myFace Heroes. Her bravery and resilience are an inspiration to us all!

Flossy Flossy, 13
Born with Treacher Collins Syndrome (TCS), Flossy has profound hearing loss and hears with the benefit of hearing aids. TCS has shaped Flossy, but does not define her. She is fun loving, determined and persistent, and doesn’t let TCS slow her down.She’s a strong student with a variety of extra-curricular interests. Athletic and very active in sports, Flossy plays basketball, softball and volleyball on her school team. Out of school, Flossy is a skilled tennis player, skier and surfer. She even plays the bass guitar in the school band and is an avid photographer



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