Jumping Genioplasty 3D Model

Genioplasty 3-D Model

Jumping Genioplasty

Jumping Genioplasty 3D Model

Use the interactive 3D model below to learn more about the Jumping Genioplasty procedure

The interactive portal below breaks down the Jumping Genioplasty procedure into discrete steps. Families can see and interact with the three stages of their child’s procedure: pre-operation, surgery and recovery. The software provides an immersive learning experience using voice over and interactive three-dimensional content.

Notes on our interactive 3D models:

  • Each model includes an audio walk-through of the procedure. These can be paused/muted by clicking the speaker icon at the top left of the model.
  • There is a text transcript of the walk-through if you prefer to read. This transcript can be opened or minimized by clicking the “Close Info Panel” button.
  • This model contains three sections. Presurgery, Procedure, and Post-op. You can skip ahead or revisit a previous section by using the section selector at the bottom right of the model.
  • Each model is interactive. You can use your cursor to spin or zoom the model. There are also drawing tools available in the menu at the bottom right of the model.
  • If you need help, please reach out! We want our models to be as useful for the community as possible. Please email sandy@myface.org for support with our 3D models.

Additional Videos

Genioplasty Medical Advice and Consultation

Learn more about the Genioplasty surgery from Pat Chibbaro, Nurse Practitioner at the myFace Center for Craniofacial Care at NYU Langone Health

Genioplasty Patient Story

Lesley was born with a cleft lip and palate. She’s had multiple surgeries including a genioplasty. Hear her story.


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