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Ally’s Act (H.R. 2439/S. 1135)

Ally’s Act is a bill that would require private insurance companies to provide coverage for Osseointegrated Hearing Devices (OIDs), including Bone Anchored Hearing Aids (BAHA) and Cochlear Implants (CI), for children and adults birth to age 64. This coverage would include not only the hearing devices themselves, but also all associated services, surgeries, and associated costs.

Osseointegrated hearing devices are often the only kind of hearing devices some individuals can wear if they are missing an ear(s), have no ear canal(s), have experienced sensorineural hearing loss or congenital hearing loss, or have lost hearing due to a tumor, head trauma, or drug toxicity. Ally’s Act would enable many children and adults with hearing loss to participate in the community and the workplace and to enjoy a higher quality of life. No one should be unable to access devices which enable them to hear because they cannot afford them – especially when these devices are deemed medically necessary.

Ally Tumblin, co-Founder of Ear Community, wrote to Congressman Neguse asking him to help her advocate for hearing better and he listened! Congressman Neguse got right to work introducing this bill to fix the issue. He titled the bill “Ally’s Act” in her honor.

What You Can Do To Help

(1) Please take a moment to send a pre-written email to your Congressional Representatives and your Senators, urging them to support Ally’s Act. If you personalize these pre-written emails with your own anecdotes and stories, they will be even more memorable and impactful when your Representatives decide whether or not to support this bill.

NOTE: When you enter your home address on the form, it will automatically direct
your email to your Congressional Representative and to your Senators.

(2) Tell your friends and family about how important Ally’s Act is to you, your family, and the craniofacial community; and ask them to reach out to their Congressional Representatives and Senators to seek their support on this bill.

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