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myFace and Welcome Baby are pleased to collaborate in providing families with free Newborn Craniofacial Care Kits that contain useful items that will come in handy in the first weeks of their child’s life. In addition to the normal stresses of a newborn, parents with a craniofacial baby have so much more to navigate, including breathing and feeding issues. We're here to help take one more worry off the minds of new parents!

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Newborn Craniofacial Care Kits contain:

Dr Brown’s® Specialty Feeding System: Babies with cleft lip/palate cannot generate enough suction typically to breast feed or feed from a bottle without a paced feeding valve. These bottles include that valve and ensure your little one is able to eat without frustration and gain and maintain a healthy weight.

Dr Brown’s® PreVent Pacifier: Babies with cleft lip/palate cannot generate enough suction to keep a typical pacifier in their mouth. The PreVent design provides a wider nipple so that the pacifier will not fall out.

Both Dr. Brown’s® Specialty Feeding System and Dr Brown’s® PreVent Pacifier are available at the following online retailers: Drbrownsbaby.com or Amazon.com

VIDEO: Sandi Aubuchon, President of Dr. Brown’s Medical discusses nutrition for kids with cleft and craniofacial conditions

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Wrap Carrier: Babies born with a cleft lip/palate have a challenging feeding experience before the corrective surgery takes place. A wrap carrier is considered to be essential to hold your baby upright for 30 minutes after every feed to ensure they keep their milk down and make it easier for them to breathe. The carrier also allows the parent to get things done while the baby sleeps and provides quick access to take the baby in and out of the carrier when the parent is alone.

Boppy: Similar to the wrap baby carrier, the boppy serves two purposes. First, to aid in keeping the infant upright while feeding (to avoid them throwing up their milk from their nose and mouth) and gives the feeding parent’s arm a break! And second, when the little one is put down for a few minutes after feeding (another arm break!).

Smile with Simon by Patricia Ann Simon, R.N.:
A story of friendship, love, acceptance and kindness that teaches a powerful lesson that despite people’s differences, we are all alike and beautiful just the way we are.

Diapers newborn 2 packs (42); size 1 pack (50)

Wipes 2 packs

Layette • Swaddles • Desitin • Wash • Grooming kit • A&D

The myFace Welcome Baby Newborn Craniofacial Care Kits are distributed to comprehensive craniofacial care teams at hospitals across the United States with a focus on underserved populations and communities. The packages are not currently being distributed to individuals. If you are interested in obtaining a Newborn Craniofacial Care Kit, please ask your healthcare provider or community health organization to contact myFace’s Senior Program Director Sandy Gilbert at sandy@myface.org


Welcome Baby’s mission is as simple as it is critical: to provide low-income mothers with one package containing all of the items they’ll need for their newborn in the first four weeks of life. For many parents, purchasing sufficient diapers and wipes is a financial burden often too great to overcome. Add in clothing, hygienic items, baby carriers, and other essential gear and the costs quickly climb to hundreds of dollars many families simply don’t have. As a result, a child may be forced to go without these vital goods.

Please visit our website at welcomebabyusa.org or you may reach out to us with any questions at info@welcomebabyusa.org


Inspired by moms everywhere, Dr. Brown’s continues to innovate and develop products that focus on great functionality for parents and good health for baby. Every day we strive to deliver the reliable baby products that have made us a proven favorite with parents.

For more information about Dr. Brown’s visit us at Drbrownsbaby.com

The idea came from Erin Ashayeri, a new mom whose son was born with a cleft palate that was not identified until after his birth. In the first days of her son’s life, she was given a similar kit in the hospital by a young man, who also had a cleft lip as a baby, who created and distributed the kit as part of his Bar Mitzvah community service.

The kit proved to be a life saver as Erin navigated feeding and care in those first weeks. “Knowing this wasn’t a long-term program for this young man, my husband and I saw an opportunity to pay it forward and help provide vital products and resources to other new parents,” said Erin.

A heartfelt thanks to Erin and her husband for providing the seed funding to help launch this important program. And the inspiring story of why they decided to pay it forward!


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