Gifts of Securities

Thank you for considering a gift of securities to myFace.

Thank you for considering a gift of securities to myFace.

Did you know that when you donate appreciated stocks or mutual funds, you can realize a combined tax savings of up to 70% of your gift? Giving stock is an easy way to maximize your impact, and your personal savings.

Why Donate Appreciated Assets?

There are two key factors that many donors consider when making a gift of appreciated assets: impact on our mission and potential tax benefits.

Impact on our Mission

Many of our most committed donors find they’re able to give more generously when they donate appreciated assets than if they’d simply given cash. That generosity means we’re able to achieve more and advance our mission faster.

Potential Tax Benefits

A great benefit of donating appreciated securities is that you receive charitable donation credit for tax purposes for the full face value of the stock. This is especially valuable if the stock has appreciated significantly since you purchased it. Donating appreciated securities also allows you to avoid capital gains tax. These benefits help you stretch your gift even further.

If you have stock certificates you would like to donate, please send the unendorsed certificate and a signed stock power, available from your financial services provider, in separate envelopes to the following address:


Karen Lazarus, Director of Development
333 East 30th Street, Lobby Office
New York, NY 10016


It is myFace’s policy to sell all gifts of securities as soon as the stockbroker notifies us of the transfer. The proceeds are then applied to myFace’s programs and related activities.


Please contact Karen Lazarus
(917) 720-4701

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