August 11, 2020 at 5:30 pm Online WATCH NOW

Read Aloud With the Author: Pavle Sabic, Walter the Wanderer

Join us for a Read Aloud of Walter the Wanderer with bestselling author Pavle Sabic.

Walter the Wanderer is everything a children’s illustration book could ask for: imaginative, instills values, celebrates diversity & acceptance, artful, insightful and inspirational. From the beautiful art that splashes each page and ingeniously brings the words to life to the heartwarming tale that encourages curiosity, openness, exploration, love and kindness; this masterpiece is one that is both comforting to both children and adults. Walter the Wanderer teaches us how to lead with love and celebrate the diversity of others. Join Walter as he travels the world inspiring compassion and friendship through the simple gift of a hug. We hope that the book will inspire reciprocity and kindness. The world can always withstand more love!

2020/08/11 17:30:00

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