Laura and Malcolm Beeler are so grateful to myFace for being able to stay in the myFace Apartments over the years while they’ve sought treatment for their daughter, Ava. Now 18, Ava was born with Pfeiffer Syndrome and a cloverleaf skull, a rare and complex craniofacial condition which presented a host of medical problems that required many trips for surgeries and treatment to the myFace Center for Craniofacial Care at NYU Langone Health.

Living in northern CT, the Beelers are too far away to make day trips back and forth when Ava needs an extended stay. The apartment has enabled them to focus on getting care for their daughter without the worry or expense of staying in a hotel in NYC.

“Having the apartment across the street from the hospital has been incredibly convenient. My husband and I can take turns sleeping at the hospital with Ava while getting a good night’s rest in the apartment. Everything is provided for, even things for siblings. We can bring food in or cook if we want, and we can take a nap there anytime. It’s helpful to Ava because she can sleep there the night before surgery and not have to stress about being late or traveling.” – Laura

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