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myFace’s annual myFace Celebrates… event will be held on Monday, May 2, 2022, giving members of the myFace Family and the wider craniofacial community an opportunity to come together to share stories of hope, resilience, and healing through musical performances and storytelling.  And we’d like YOU to be one of our STARS!  Singers,

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Our Donors Make it Possible

Working in collaboration with a fellow nonprofit, Welcome Baby, myFace will launch in 2021 a new program to provide Newborn Craniofacial Care Kits to mothers, containing the items they’ll need for their child in the first four weeks of life. The kit will have items such as a layette, baby

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Our Youth Continue to Inspire

Hope may only be 13, but she is an extremely mature, compassionate and insightful young woman. Luckily for us, her bat mitzvah service was captured through Zoom and we had the privilege of hearing her moving speech. She didn’t want any gifts, just that her family and friends be there

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