Donor-Advised Funds

Many people have chosen to establish donor-advised funds (DAFs) to direct charitable giving in a way that is more tax beneficial and very flexible.

Many people have chosen to establish donor-advised funds (DAFs) to direct charitable giving in a way that is more tax beneficial and very flexible.

Setting up a DAF begins by opening a donor advised fund with a community foundation or other sponsoring organization (such as Vanguard, Fidelity, Schwab, etc.).

You can contribute cash, securities or other assets to a donor-advised fund. You are eligible to take an immediate tax deduction and then the funds are invested for potential for tax-free growth. There are no transaction fees and 100% of your approved grant recommendation will be sent to help strengthen our mission and programs at myFace.

Using the DAF Widget:

Since many of our donors are choosing this method of giving, we offer you the option of using DAF Widget, a free and secure web payment option that allows you to recommend gifts from your DAF directly from our website.

With just a few clicks, you can recommend a gift from your DAF to myFace to make an immediate impact and help provide comprehensive care and support to individuals and families impacted by craniofacial conditions. To use the widget, please click the link below.

How to recommend a gift to myFace:

Request a grant distribution through your DAF sponsor.
Be sure to use the myFace’s EIN #13-6013760 (our legal name is the National Foundation for Facial Reconstruction)
Indicate whether your gift is unrestricted or designated to a specific program
You can also designate myFace as a beneficiary for your donor-advised fund.

Mailing Instructions:
333 East 30th Street
Lobby Office
New York, NY 10016

If you have any questions about making a gift to myFace through a DAF, please contact Karen Lazarus, Director of Campaign Development at or call 917-720-4701.

Mother and her son at a Races for Faces charity event.

This information does not constitute legal or financial advice. Because everyone’s situation is different, you should seek the advice of your own attorney, tax advisor and/or financial planner.


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