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Newman Family Support Center

Campaign Description

myFace is concerned with not only the physical effects but also the emotional distress caused by facial difference. Isolation, shame, discrimination and low self-esteem are all by products of looking different. Children are thought to be mentally deficient simply because of their physical appearance. Many are routinely placed in special education classes, rather than in mainstream school. Further, because so many of these conditions affect the structure of the mouth and ears, our patients must commit to years of speech therapy.

myFace’s commitment to integrative and comprehensive care drove us to establish The Newman Family Support Center. Founded in 2010, the Newman Family Support Center addresses the psychosocial needs of our patients and their families under the same roof as their medical and dental care. Our funding enables:

  • Speech evaluation and therapy
  • Psychological and therapeutic support
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Genetic Counseling
  • Pre and post-natal counseling, feeding, and home care instruction
  • Support Groups

Success to Date


Newman Family Support Info Image 1The Newman Family Support Center has grown exponentially since its establishment in 2010. The staff has expanded to include two speech specialists, a nutritionist, a social worker, and a psychologist. In the last year, we increased the number of families served by 10%, with 2200 families receiving comprehensive and personalized care.

2017 Goals

  • Fundraising Goal: $1000,000
  • Increase the number of families served by the Newman Family Support Center by another 10%
  • Maintain and expand the Newman Family Support Center by improving the services provided to our families
    1. Increase the number of Speech evaluation and therapy appointments
    2. Increase the number of nutrition consultations
    3. Increase the number of genetic consultation appointments
    4. Expand as needed to accommodate new patients
  • Support Groups
    1. Maintain and extend the number of patients that can attend our existing support groups
    2. Launch new support groups to address the needs of other patients


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