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myFace has recently launched The myFace Wonder Project, a curriculum based on a New York Times Best Seller, Wonder, by RJ Palacio.

Wonder is a young adult novel that tells the story of Auggie, an ordinary boy with an extraordinary face. The book details Auggie’s journey with facial difference while he attends public school for the first time, having been homeschooled his entire life. myFace has taken Wonder and built a curriculum around it, focusing on empathy and acceptance. The myFace Wonder Project aims to educate children and young adults on the importance of having compassion for their peers, celebrating uniqueness in every sense, and always choosing to be kind.

The myFace Wonder Project is structured thematically, rather than chronologically. This allows for flexibility in that some classrooms might only be looking at this book for a few days or a week; others might be exploring for longer – you, as a teacher or administrator, can determine the entry-point. Although each of the six sections focuses narrowly on one specific theme, all of the themes weave throughout the curriculum. These themes, Exploration of Self, The Masks We Wear, Friendships/Relationships, Bullying, Empathy, and Choosing Kindness are all explored through a variety of educational activities and exercises. If your school would like to do something with Wonder that is not curriculum-related, we have listed other suggestions in the links below.


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There are different ways on how to bring Wonder to your school.


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