julio 20, 2021 at 6:00 pm

Virtual Summer Series: Hi, I’m Me in Kindergarten

In this session of myFace’s Virtual Summer Series, author Kelly Vurinaris read from her book Hi, I’m Me in Kindergarten, and answered questions from the audience.

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In this next book of the Hi, I’m Me series, Chloe is off to Kindergarten! At first she is a little scared, but once she realizes she can be herself, she quickly discovers how much fun school can be. The lessons she learns lead to new friends and an understanding of why kindness and positivity are so important. Readers of Vurinaris’ heart-warming series will see that you can build confidence by using your voice, which can take you on many adventures!


Kelly Vurinaris is back with another story about acceptance and kindness, turning her debut book Hi, I’m Me into a series. Kelly is a mom to a beautiful daughter with Treacher-Collins Syndrome, and like in the first book, she shares the experiences her daughter and family go through in their every day. As a mom, you want to protect your child in every way possible, but you can’t always be there, especially when they are off to Kindergarten. Kelly believes in kindness above all and teaching kids that if you use your voice, your unknown confidence will shine through.

2021/07/20 18:00:00


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