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Read Aloud with Comic Book Author Nava Silton, The Real Goal

Join us for a Read Aloud with Author Nava Silton, of her comic book The Real Goal. 

We are excited to bring you a Live Read Aloud of The Real Goal, part of The Realabilities: Omnibus Comic Book Series, written by Author, Nava Silton. This thoughtful story follows a group of children with disabilities on their thrilling adventures as they harness their unique strengths to promote kindness, teach empathy and save their school from bullies. 

The charming Realabilities Team introduces readers to 13 different disabilities (including Autism, ADHD, physical, visual and hearing impairment, Dyslexia, Down syndrome, William’s syndrome, Tourette’s syndrome, Stuttering, Traumatic Brain Injury, Facial Differences and Dwarfism) in a fun, engaging and informative fashion, while also teaching about the beauty of difference.

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