Media Planet feature: Helping Those With Facial Differences Recognize Their Beauty and Power

myFace community member Naomi Hadar (Levenshtein) was featured in the Future of Personal Health, a Mediaplanet site focusing on health insights and news, patient stories, and the latest in diagnostic and treatment options.

In this interview, Naomi opens up about her experiences with Van der Woude Syndrome, cleft lip, and lip pits. She also discusses the importance of positive representation for those with facial differences in media, and why people who look different are beautiful.

Read the full article here!

“People like me need to be shown in a positive light, and we need to be able to share out own stories, rather than having people in makeup tell our stories for us…

I want others to see people like me as love interests and superheroes, and be more than just what we look like physically.”


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