“The Mac Attack with Awesome Sauce” Is More Than Just A Delicious Burger…It’s An Awesome Way To Give Back To The Community

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The mission of Handcraft Burgers & Brew goes beyond providing New York City with delicious, hand-crafted, and fresh gourmet burgers and craft beers – one of their core values is also giving back to the community. Each month, they feature a different specialty burger on their menu where a portion of the proceeds are donated to a different charity that supports children’s needs. For September 2022, they have chosen myFace.

For more than 71 years, myFace has provided individuals with craniofacial differences and their families access to comprehensive medical and dental care, educational resources, and direct patient services – with a strong focus on their psychological, social, and emotional needs.

“A key element of our mission is to raise public awareness about living with a craniofacial difference. We want people to understand what individuals with facial differences and their families navigate every day. Building understanding leads to empathy, and empathy changes society for the better,” says Stephanie Paul, Executive Director of myFace. “We are so grateful to Handcraft Burgers & Brew for not only choosing us as their nonprofit of the month, but for also using their influence to bring attention to the work that we do.”

Handcraft Burgers & Brew has a closer tie to myFace than just wanting to support an NYC-based nonprofit. William Lustberg, Culinary Director at Handcraft, has a 5-year-old son who was born with a complete unilateral cleft lip and palate and is a patient of the myFace Center for Craniofacial Care at NYU Langone Health.

Since September is Craniofacial Acceptance Month, the organizations decided to do something a little different for this Burger of the Month. They launched the “myFace, myBurger” competition and invited members of the craniofacial community to submit their custom hamburger recipes for the chance to be featured on the menu. The winning burger was “The Mac Attack with Awesome Sauce,” submitted by 19-year-old Ava Beeler, born with Pfeiffer Syndrome; a condition that affects the development of the bones in the skull, hands and feet. ‘The Mac Attack’ features a single Certified Angus Beef patty with sharp American cheese, fried caramelized onions, roasted jalapeño queso mac and cheese, and charred tomatillo salsa verde served on a brioche bun.

It is fitting that Ava’s recipe won, not only because she is a talented amateur chef, but also because she is an active and dedicated member of the myFace community, participating in Support Groups, attending annual events like Races for Faces, and being a guest on two episodes of the myFace, myStory: Voices of the Craniofacial Community monthly podcast. Her dream is to one day become a therapist and run her own support group for young adults with facial differences to ensure they never feel alone.

Ava shares, “Most of my family lives in New York, and when I told them about ‘The Mac Attack,’ they were all so excited to try it – especially when I told them about the charred tomatillo salsa verde that will add the perfect kick!” She adds, “Now, I’m even more excited to come into the city for Races For Faces on September 18th… I’m going to swing by Bryant Park after to try my burger!”

“Handcraft is proud to be serving The Mac Attack with Awesome Sauce for the month of September. For every burger sold, we will donate $1 to myFace,” says Lustberg, Culinary Director. “They have helped my family tremendously – from letting us stay at the myFace Family Apartments when my son underwent surgery to give us easier access to the hospital, to offering emotional support, and hosting events like Races for Faces that foster community for children and adults with facial differences – and their families!”

myFace will be highlighting ‘The Mac Attack’ at their upcoming 10th Annual Races for Faces event, bringing Ava and the Lustberg family up on stage for a special shoutout to thank Handcraft Burgers & Brew for coming up with a creative way to support the organization and the patients and families it serves.

For more than 71 years, myFace has advocated for individuals and families to ensure them access to comprehensive medical and emotional craniofacial care and support. By providing important services such as support groups, educational webinars, podcasts, online resources, and more, myFace helps individuals with facial differences achieve the best possible outcomes and know they are never alone in their journey. For more information about myFace, please visit myFace.org. You can also follow us on FacebookInstagramTwitter y LinkedIn, and subscribe to our Newsletter y YouTube Channel to receive the latest updates.

The mission of Handcraft Burgers & Brew is to bring the public hand-crafted, fresh, never frozen Certified Angus Beef gourmet smash burgers and tater tots, hand-cut french fries and craft beers with full hospitality style service in a quick service environment.

The founders here at Handcraft Burgers & Brews are proud parents and believe in supporting families who are in need. Giving back is one of our core values. On our menu each month you’ll find a different speciality burger. When you purchase and enjoy that burger, we donate $1 to a charity that supports children’s needs. Each month we feature a different burger and a different charity. Follow us on Instagram y TikTok to see the current and upcoming Burger of the Month, or sign up for eclub to receive notifications when we launch a new one.

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