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Virtual Family Hour: Having Fun with The Paper Bag Players

Join us for a fun-filled virtual family hour featuring The Paper Bag Players, one of America’s premiere theaters for children, including live performances of vivid stories and cheerful songs.

Participants will also be guided in an assortment of craft-making exercises such as making a car from a simple box, and following an artist’s drawings in our popular segment, “Draw With Me.” The Paper Bag Players, renowned for their imaginative worlds based on simple materials such as paper and cardboard, will also share some of their favorite theatrical sketches.

Have some paper and drawing materials ready, and a box large enough to stand in, and get ready to laugh, learn and smile! Featuring a surprise guest from the MyFace family who will perform a piano version of one of The Paper Bag Players hit songs!

About The Paper Bag Players

The Paper Bag Players is a company of endlessly creative adults who create and perform original, contemporary, musical theater for children and their families. Their shows, based on a child’s everyday experiences, combine short plays, rousing songs, freewheeling dances, audience participation, mime, and painting and drawing on stage. Common household objects, cardboard boxes and brown kraft paper brightened with splashes of poster paint and crayon are their sets, props and costumes and set the stage for an interactive show.

2020/08/20 17:30:00


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