Donate a Newborn Craniofacial Care Kit

Donate a Newborn Craniofacial Care Kit

myFace y Welcome Baby are pleased to collaborate in providing low-income families with free Newborn Craniofacial Care Kits that are specially designed for newborns with cleft lip/palate and other craniofacial conditions.

In addition to the normal stresses of having a newborn, parents with a baby born with either a cleft lip and/or palate or other craniofacial conditions have so much more to navigate, including breathing and feeding issues.

These kits are made possible by contributions from generous donors like you.

A gift of $160 can provide one Newborn Craniofacial Care Kit to a family in need. Your donation will have a direct and immediate impact, allowing myFace and Welcome Baby to reach more new parents and their babies born with cleft lip/palate and other craniofacial conditions. Thank you!

How These Kits Came to Be

The idea came from Erin Ashayeri, a new mom whose son was born with a cleft palate that was not identified until after his birth. In the first days of her son’s life, she was given a similar kit in the hospital by a young man, who also had a cleft lip as a baby, who created and distributed the kit as part of his Bar Mitzvah community service.

The kit proved to be a life saver as Erin navigated feeding and care in those first weeks. “Knowing this wasn’t a long-term program for this young man, my husband and I saw an opportunity to pay it forward and help provide vital products and resources to other new parents,” said Erin.

A heartfelt thanks to Erin and her husband for providing the seed funding to help launch this important program. And the inspiring story of why they decided to pay it forward!


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