Races for Faces walkers walked along the scenic Riverside Park
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Races for Faces 2021

The 2021 Race is On!

On Sunday, September 19th, hundreds will come together for our 9th Annual Races for Faces, celebrating differences, promoting acceptance, and bringing awareness to the craniofacial community.With your help, we raised more than $220,000 last year and now we’ve raised the goal.

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About Races for Faces

myFace Races for Faces is an important fundraising event, traditionally offered as an in-person walk, that allows us to mobilize and bring together a diverse community of hundreds of people like YOU, including patients, families, friends, students, colleagues, corporations and community advocates.

By participating in myFace Races for Faces, you can help raise awareness for children and adults with craniofacial differences.

The beauty of taking myFace Races for Faces to a virtual platform is that now EVERYONE across the nation can join us as we create and celebrate an environment where we all can feel safe, hopeful and empowered – and come together in solidarity to know we collectively have the capacity to make a difference.

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