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Compete as a myFace Upstander

Compete as a myFace Upstander

Become a myFace Upstander.
Start Fundraising.
Transform the lives of patients with craniofacial conditions.

Call: John: (917) 720-4701 ext. 100

As a myFace Upstander you will receive:
1. Exclusive access to one of the world’s most popular sell-out events
2. Official myFace Upstander race gear and apparel
3. Team email updates, tips and advice during training months
4. Personal fundraising page and fundraising support from staff
5. Inspirational pictures of patients helped by your efforts

Tough Mudder

Want to show your grit and support myFace? Compete in a Tough Mudder event as a myFace Upstander!  An Upstander is someone who educates others on the importance of compassion and promises to treat all people the same, regardless of their difference. Compete in a Tough Mudder for myFace and compete for free. All we ask is you raise a minimum of $750 to support the craniofacial community we serve.

Tough Mudder has three event options, depending on the location. Find an event near you!

Tough Mudder 5K – 3 miles, 10 obstacles

Tough Mudder Half – 5 miles, 13 obstacles

Tough Mudder Full – 10 miles, 20 obstacles

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