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The myFace Wonder Project

Campaign Description

The overarching goal of The myFace Wonder Project is to strengthen civil society by promoting acceptance, kindness and civic engagement among adolescents. By exploring examples of courage and compassion in the face of prejudice and discrimination, students become aware of their choices and their capacity to work for positive change.

Partnering with Sprigeo and Facing History and Ourselves, myFace developed a middle-school curriculum based on Wonder by RJ Palacio to raise community awareness of the social stigma surrounding facial difference. Through Wonder, readers have found a story and a person to whom they can relate, and therefore an ideal catalyst for empathy.

The Educational Project encourages students to consider how individual decisions impact the course of their fellow students’ lives and how their own choices can help shape our society today.

Success to Date



The development of our curriculum has already begun to garner attention, with 30 schools across the United States using our curriculum. By partnering with Facing History and Ourselves, we have access to over 90,000 educators and 3,000,000 students. With 30% of our students nationally reporting bullying, our objective is to reduce that number to 0% for all students that have undergone our curriculum. 160,000 students reportedly skip school daily for fear of bullying. If each bully can internalize empathy and choose compassion, we can break the cycle. No student should lose out on his or her education due to intimidation.

2017 Goals

  • Webinar Series
    Conduct a series of webinars to introduce educators to the book Wonder
  • Staff Development
    A series of staff professional development activities will be conducted to ensure that staff members are deeply familiar with Wonder and our companion study guide and are prepared to integrate these resources into seminars, workshops, and lesson and unit planning consultations with teachers.
  • Educational Outreach and Marketing of the Classroom Resources
    myFace and our partner Facing History, will develop a broad marketing campaign that targets the Facing History educator network of 65,000 educators and the constituencies of other educational organizations.
  • Educator Professional Development
    To provide professional development for educators in the regions we serve (tri-state area for now), we will schedule eight face-to-face workshops featuring Wonder during the 2016–2017 school year. The workshops will familiarize teachers with the book, explore the companion study guide, deepen their understanding of the issue of facial difference and consider ways to use the book in the classroom.Through these activities we will reach approximately 1,000 educators, who will in turn impact an estimated 100,000 students each year.
  • Resources
    Provide books to 50 underserved schools
  • Oral Patient Histories
    myFace will continue to conduct video interviews of our patients to share their personal experiences as they relate to Wonder. Videos will be used in conjunction with the Wonder Curriculum to provide students with a first hand account of living with a facial difference from the perspective of real life Auggie’s.


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