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Campaign Description

The Craniofacial Interactive Surgical Simulator was developed to address the lack of awareness surrounding craniofacial conditions, both among the public as well as in the field of medicine. While craniofacial care specialists are well equipped to tackle the issues and challenges of the craniofacial community, many health care providers do not have the same level of experience or training to offer parents and their newborns the support they need.

In order to achieve this widespread understanding, myFace and the pioneers at the Wyss Department of Plastic Surgery partnered with BioDigital to create CIVA Pro. This craniofacial surgical simulator explains the ten most common craniofacial surgical procedures and provides innovative methods of teaching to empower the next generation of surgeons.

More recently, myFace launched a family friendly version of the interactive technology to patients and families. Families can now see and interact with the three stages of their child’s procedure: pre-operation, surgery and recovery. This version of the Simulator is a powerful educational tool for relieving this stress and anxiety surrounding a child’s craniofacial surgery.

Success to Date


In the last year, surgeons and medical professionals worldwide have recognized the potential of this cutting edge technology and are now utilizing it to better prepare for surgery. CIVA has so far reached 411 registered users across 74 countries and prompted 388 mobile downloads. In the United States alone, 19 Institutions are utilizing CIVA’s technology and finding meaningful and innovative ways to broaden its application. Our goal is that with each year, these numbers continue to increase exponentially. With this widespread growth, we ultimately hope to revolutionize the way surgeons and medical professionals share knowledge, communicate ideas, and train the next generation of health care providers.


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